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The last 11 years have seen many conflicts involving hyperlinks. Not all of them have led to a lawsuit. And those who have, have not all been mentioned in the news. In this section I will present an overview over the most important conflicts. In most cases you will find a very short summary and links to news-articles and legal documents. I hope to find the time to write more comprehensive summaries and about cases that did not get media attention in the future. If a conflict led to a court decision I also provide a link to the corresponding part of the Decisions Section.

Unfortunately, some material, that I deem important for the linking discussion, has been removed from the internet. I have decided to link to older versions of these websites with the help of the Wayback Machine.

As always, if you have knowledge about more resources not yet mentioned here, please send me an e-mail.





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Linking Cases

There have been a lot of lawsuits concerning linking, framing and search engine issues in the last years. In this section you'll find short introductions into the different cases and links to news articles about it. 

An overview over featured cases can be found here!

Latest News - Update 32                                              

Liability for MP3-links in Australia

Google wins click fraud-case

Click Defense sues Google because of Click Fraud

Baidu removes links to pirated music files

No links to websites offering circumvention technology in Germany!

Alvar Freude is not guilty!

Google sued for overcharging

Written Decision in Geico v. Google AdWords Case

Apple versus MacBidouille

No links to a cheap music service - The AllofMp3 Case






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