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Google wins click fraud-case

In November 2004 Google filed a suit against Auctions Expert International LLC claiming that the Houston-based company artificially and/or fraudulently" generated clicks on the ads Google served to the company's Web site. Auctions Expert, like other AdSense publishers, received a share of pay-per-click revenue when visitors clicked on the ads on the Auctions Expert page. According to Google, Auctions Expert hired dozens of people to click on the site's ads.

In May Google quietly won a $75,000 judgment  in this case.

  • July 5, 2005: Davis, Wendy, Google Wins $75,000 In Click Fraud Case, MediaPost Publications:
    "GOOGLE QUIETLY WON A $75,000 judgment in May in a click fraud case against former AdSense participant Auctions Expert International and its two founders."

  • November 22, 2004: Olsen, Stefanie, Google gets gruff over click fraud, CNet:
    "Google filed a lawsuit against an Internet operation that it claims systematically clicked on text ads to defraud its advertising network."



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