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No links to a cheap music service - The AllofMp3 Case

AllofMp3, a Russian website, where you can get loads of music for about $0.50 for a whole album, has long been an annoyance for the record industry. Due to a loophole in the Russian copyright legislation they did not succeed in shutting down the service. The website came under criminal investigation in Russia for copyright violations, but in March 2005, it emerged that wasn't breaking any current Russian laws. That did not stop the music industry from suing AllofMp3 in other countries. In Germany, a District Court in Munich has prohibited allofmp3 from making copyrighted data publicly available within Germany by way of a temporary injunction . As a result of this ruling the Munich law firm, Waldorf, on behalf of some record companies (Edel, EMI, Sony BMG, SPV, Universal and Warner) started sending warning letters to the operators of German websites which link to AllofMP3. The notice says: "By establishing a hyperlink to the Internet page in question you are enabling the acquisition of copyright protected sound recordings of our clients via the illegal download offer. By illegally providing public access you are thereby objectively supporting the illegal dissemination of copyright protected sound recordings [...] or even aiding and abetting such activity." The fine for non-removal of a link to AllofMP3 by private persons is 75,000.

  • July 11, 2005: Warning notices on account of links to AllofMP3, Heise:
    "The music industry has begun to carry out its threat and is sending warning notices to website operators who have set links to the Russian music download platform AllofMP3."



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