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Baidu removes links to pirated music files

Baidu, a Chinese search engine, filed documents for a Nasdaq listing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in July 2005. According to the prospectus, Baidu hopes to raise a maximum of 80 million US dollars. Baidu also stated that its MP3 download service links to third-party Web sites that offer content that may be copyright protected. Although according to Baidu, 22 percent of the traffic on its website comes from users, who long a source for free music downloads, Baidu agreed to remove thousands of links to pirated music in response to requests from R2G, a Chinese digital rights management company which tracks piracy and manages licences for music publishers. Baidu claims, the search engine has investigated possible violations involving more than 50.000 files.

  • July 18, 2005: China's Baidu to remove pirated music links -FT, Reuters:
    " Inc., China's biggest Internet search engine and which is pursuing a U.S. public listing, has agreed to remove links to thousands of Internet sites offering pirated music, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday."



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