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 Update 2: December 20, 2002


1. The Dot Kids Implementation and Enforcement Act of 2002 (HR 3833)

The United States Senate passed the Dot Kids Implementation and Enforcement Act of 2002 (HR 3833), which establishes an Internet domain ( as a kids-friendly area on the World Wide Web. Hyperlinks to websites outside the kids area will be prohibited. In December President George W. Bush signed into law the .kids bill.

 2. Third-party hyperlinks in auction descriptions

eBay ended some auctions because they contained links to the BidRobot website. EBay’s Links policy prohibits the inclusion of third-party hyperlinks with some exceptions.

Also see:

In 2001, eBay implemented a linking policy to keep sellers from linking from the auction description to a website where they could sell an item directly without waiting for the auction to end.

EBay’s link policy: "The eBay item page can only be used to describe, promote and facilitate the sale of the listed eBay item - it cannot refer to or promote the seller's individual web site, off eBay sales or other businesses. The eBay About Me page is a place where the seller can promote their individual web site or business…."

New in Linking Cases:

New in Legal Resources:

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  • No Access to: Kelley, Martha. Note. Is liability just a link away? Trademark dilution by tarnishment under the federal Trademark Dilution Act of 1995 and hyperlinks on the World Wide Web. 9 J. Intell. Prop. L. 361-386 (2002)

  • Frum, Christi, In Search of Safe Linking,



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