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The ECJ and the AdWords Cases

Five keyword cases have been transferred to the European Court of Justice. Four rulings are in, one case is still pending.

1. France, Rs. C-236/09, 237/09, 238/09 (ECJ decision, see Update 69); What's new: The French Cour de Cassation took back the case and issued another decision on July 13, 2010. As  a consequence of the ECJ's ruling, the Court referred a previous ruling against Google Inc. back to the Court of Appeal, effectively cancelling an earlier decision in favour of French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton. It is up for the Court of Appeal to examine factual matters more closely now (which the Cour de Cassation can't) with the ECJ's ruling in mind (see: Louis Vuitton says Google trademark fight ain’t over - San Francisco Business Times).

2. Austria, Rs. C-278/08, Bergspechte (ECJ decision).  What's new: The Austrian Supreme court ruled on 21 June 2010 (Case Nr. 17 Ob 3/10f), that even ads that don’t contain the third party trademark may lead to a likelihood of confusion as long as the advertiser does not add appropriate clarifying indications‘. Austrotrabant has more on the case!

3. Netherlands, Rs. C-558/08 , Primakabin / Portakabin (ECJ decision, see Update 70)

4. Germany, Rs. C 91/09 – (ECJ decision)

5. UK, Rs. C-323/09 - Interflora (Reference)


For more information (in German) see: Mehr Fragen als Antworten – die Google France Entscheidung des EuGH zum Keyword Advertising and Fremde Marken als Keywörter – Orakelsprüche des EuGH als Antwort auf biblische Fragen.




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