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No more Links & Law Updates ...


The Links & Law web site was created in November 2002. It was the offspring of my doctoral thesis that included an analysis of copyright and commercial law problems of linking and framing. The law of hyperlinks was also the main topic of Links & Law at the beginning. But soon I also included questions related to search engine law. For over eight years I have tried to keep Links & Law up to date Ė a very time consuming task, but also a very rewarding one thanks to the feedback from users world-wide.

In the last two years I was unable to update the web site on a regular basis. Often there were months between updates and I was no longer able to provide a comprehensive analysis of the developments. So I made the decision that I will freeze the web site. It will remain a useful resource to research search engine and hyperlink law, but for the time being there will be no more updates (except for the legal resources in English section).

I will continue my research on search engine law, though. Over the last seven years I have written more than 2000 blog posts on the German Links & Law Blog and I will continue posting there. I have also written more than 50 articles for German law journals, most of them dealing with hyperlinks and search engines.

So thanks a lot for all the emails that I have received over the years! And if you find an interesting new story about search engine law, I still welcome the information. On the other hand, if you need information about search engine law in Germany, donít hesitate to contact me. And finally, if you ever come to Munich and want to chat in person, Iím organising an internet law regularís table there, which meets about every 6-8 weeks. So feel free to drop me a line, if you want to be informed about future dates.


The Links & Law website is updated regularily, so  check back for updated information and resources about search engine and linking issues.

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