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Inventor of vibrating toilet seat sues Google

Johnny I. Henry, an inventor of the vibrating toilet seat (which was featured on the Jay Leno show in November 2008), filed a lawsuit against Google, Inc. and AOL, claiming that search results delivered by Google and hosted by AOL are defamatory.  His photo was pictured on several web sites under the title "N-I-G-G-E-R invents vibrating toilet seat." The complaint says that due to the web sites listed on search engines, he will incurr psychological damage and will probably suffer financial loss once his invention comes to the market

In his pro se complaint, Henry states:

The extreme derogatory nature of these web sites have committed a gross and negligible offense, not only to myself but to our newly elected president and first lady, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama.  I believe that without a shadow of a doubt that this type of racist negative behavior is directed at black people as a whole as well as all good hearted people that mean good throughout this country and world.

Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code exempts service providers like Google from liability for content posted by third parties. The lawsuit will almost certainly be dismissed on that basis.





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