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 Austrian study: Google is creating dangerous monopolies and has to be stopped!

According to an Austrian university study (187-pages PDF) Google is creating unacceptable monopolies that will allow it to control information flows and invade privacy.

Two of the conclusions of the study are:

  • "Google can use its almost universal knowledge of what is happening in the world to play the stock market without risk: in certain areas Google KNOWS what will happen, and does not have to rely on educated guesses as other players in stock market have to. This is endangering trading on markets: by game theory, trading is based on the fact that nobody has complete information (i.e. will win sometimes, but also loose sometimes). Any entity that never looses rattles the basic foundations of stock exchanges!"

  • "Google’s open aim is to “know everything there is to know on Earth”. It cannot be tolerated that a private company has that much power: it can extort, control, and dominate the world at will."

According to, a Google spokesman said in a statement: "These allegations are premised on numerous inaccuracies, conspiracy theories and fundamental misunderstandings about Google's products and services. They're completely without foundation and, frankly, a little strange.''




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