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Links & Law started on November 1, 2002 and turns 5 today!!!

Since starting Links & Law in 2002, I have published 22 articles in German law journals, most of them related to hyperlink and search engine law, I have updated this website more than 50 times and have written more than 900 blog entries in German. All four Links & Law websites (.com /.de / .info / .org) together had 720.000 visitors last year. I expect them to have about 1.000.000 this year. When I began work on Links & Law in September 2002, I had hoped for 100 visitors a week and had never expected that Links & Law would become such a long running project. For those who don't know, I earn my money as a civil servant and I'm currently concerned with the law of severely disabled persons! So I'm probably one of the most popular "hobby internet law experts." Thanks to Links & Law I have been invited to Brussels to attend an EC funded project (Legal-IST) dealing inter alia with the liability of internet intermediaries, I have been the chairman of one of the workshops in an international internet law conference, and was contacted by many people over the years, including students, law professors, webmasters, attorneys, radio stations and newspapers.

It is still very exciting to see how internet law in general and search engine law in particular develops. So Links & Law probably will continue for a few more years. I'm currently experimenting with blogger software, so there might be some changes to Links & Law in the near future.

I very much welcome any suggestions for the future development of Links & Law and joined projects.

So happy birthday Links & Law!




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