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 Yahoo looses copyright lawsuit in China

In the last update, I have mentioned a case against Yahoo China brought by the IFPI because of links to web sites with unlicensed MP3 downloads. In April, a  Beijing court ordered Yahoo! China to pay about 200,000 yuan (26,000 dollars) in damages for assisting downloads of unlicensed music in other websites and delete 229 links to free songs., operator of China's largest search engine, had more luck last year: In a similar case, but under other regulations, the company  wasn't found liable for copyright violations. "The Beijing Court has confirmed that Yahoo China has clear responsibility for removing all links to the infringing tracks on its service," Kennedy, the IFPI's chairman and CEO said in a statement. "Because this is a judgment made under new regulations in China, today's judgment supersedes the previous decision on Baidu and confirms the responsibility of all similar music search providers in China." Yahoo! China plans to file an appeal.

  • April 25, 2007: McDonald, Joe, Chinese court rules against unit of Yahoo in music piracy lawsuit, San Jose Mercury News:
    "A court has ruled against Yahoo's China arm in a lawsuit that accused it of aiding music piracy, the company and a music industry group said Tuesday."

  • April 24, 2007: Yahoo China ordered to curb music links, CNN:
    "A Beijing court has ordered Yahoo China to delete links to free Web sites offering music-downloads and to pay about 200,000 yuan ($27,200) for facilitating distribution of unlicensed songs by other sites, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday."




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