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 Update on AdWord Cases in France

Hotels Meridian v. Google France (for more information on the lawsuit click here)

The verdict in the main procedure opposing Société des Hôtels Méridien and Google France was handed down on March 2, 2006. The Nanterre court of first instance held that Google France has committed acts of trademark infringement within the meaning of articles L 713-2-a and L 713-3-b of the Intellectual Property Code. The court ordered Google to

  • to delete from its key-word generator, which is accessible from its website, any and all reference to the trademarks “MERIDIEN” and “Le MERIDIEN”, identically or similarly, under daily penalty of 5000 €

  • to publish on the first page of its website accessible under the address the following legal advertisement, under the title “JUDICIAL PUBLICATION”, for a duration of fifteen days and under penalty of 3000 € per day, beginning 48 hours after the notification of the present verdict: "The first chamber of the Nanterre Court of First Instance has sentenced the company Google France by verdict of March 2, 2006 for having infringed on the rights of the company Société des Hôtels Méridien in the trademarks “MERIDIEN” and “Le MERIDIEN”"

The court also sentenced Google France to pay to the plaintiff the sum of 150.000 €  in compensation for the infringement.


Google v. Cnrrh

A court of appeal held Google liable for the use of the trademark "Eurochallenges" in its Adwords program.


Google v. Viaticum / Luteciel

The case is currently on appeal to the French Supreme Court. A decision is expected for the end of 2006.


Google v. Louis Vuitton

The Paris Court of Appeals decision is expected soon. So far Google has already lost two appeal cases regarding adwords in France.




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