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Right to be listed in search engines? - v. Google

A civil complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in San Jose by, seeks to be certified as a class action representing the owners of all Websites blacklisted by Google's Internet-leading search engine since January 2001.  KinderStart, a Norwalk-based Web site devoted to information about children, says it was dropped from Google's index a year ago without warning. KinderStart said its traffic plunged by 70 percent after Google dropped it. The complaint accuses Google, as the dominant provider of Web searches, of violating KinderStartís constitutional right to free speech by blocking search engine results showing Web site content and other communications. KinderStart contends that once a company has been penalized, it is difficult to contact Google to regain good standing and impossible to get a report on whether or why the search leader took such action.

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