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 Click Defense v. Google Update

On June 24, 2005, Click Defense, a company which provides software to keep track of Pay-Per-Click advertising, sued Google Inc. in the US District Court in San Jose, claiming that the search engine has failed to protect users of its advertising program from "click fraud," costing them at least $5 million.

In December 2005, the company said in a statement it wanted to withdraw as the lead plaintiff named in the lawsuit in order to focus on its own business. "We remain a member of the class and our click fraud claims against Google will still be litigated when and if the class is certified." Scott Boyenger, Click Defense's Chief Executive Officer is quoted. AIT, a $34 million-a-year Internet service provider serving customers in the mid-Atlantic states and the Carolinas, said it plans to take over as lead plaintiff.

A hearing on the motion for class certification in the Google click fraud case has been scheduled for May of 2006.


  • December 9, 2005: Click fraud suit changes hand, The Register:
    "Click Defense, a web analytics firm that intiated proceedings against Google in June, alleging that the search engine was failing to stop click fraud, is to be replaced as lead plaintiff in the suit by web hosting firm Advanced Internet Technology (AIT)"

  • December 9, 2005: Kläger gegen Google zieht sich zurück,
    "Im Juni sorgte das US-Unternehmen Click Defense für Schlagzeilen, als es ein als Sammelklage angelegtes Verfahren gegen Google beantragte..."

  • December 7, 2005: Stefanie, Olsen, Click fraud in the courts, CNet:
    "Click fraud is the search industry's dirty secret."





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