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Hyperwords - Every word a hyperlink


The website was created by Frode Hegland, a researcher at University College London Interaction Center, working with Mikhail Seliverstov, a programmer in Russia. Their goal is to turn every single word of every online text into a hyperword, a word you can click and then Google, look up in a dictionary, or do any number of other things with. So instead of only a small number of links in a document, every single word becomes a link. Further, every link can point to more than one place, pulling up all kinds of background context from the web as a whole.


Technically, Hyperwords Menu is - according to - a pop-up human-computer-interface element which is automatically added to the requested document by the server, to initially, give more functionality to blogs, and later to web pages in general. The reader just points to a word and the Hyperwords Menu comes up.


See for yourself how it works: The project offers basic demos: a live version of the CNN website and the BBC website, where hovering over any word causes a context-sensitive menu to appear.

  • February 10, 2005: Boxer, Sarah, A Trail Leads to a Tangent of a Tangent, of a Tangent, New York Times:
    Imagine a world where every word of every online article leads you directly to everything you did and didn't want to know about that word. That is the plan at"

  • January 25, 2005: Walsh, Jason, Information Wants to be Liquid, Wired:
    "The web as we know it was invented by a British academic working in Switzerland. Is a Nordic academic working in Britain about to redefine it forever?"

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