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Nissan Motor filed a complaint in U.S. District Court (CDCal) against Uzi Nissan, who owns a computer store in the state of North Carolina, alleging that the domain name "" diluted the "NISSAN" trademark in violation of the Federal Trademark Dilution Act (FTDA). The District Court enjoined Nissan Computer from publishing any commercial content in its web site located at and from placing links to other web sites that contain disparaging remarks or negative commentary about Nissan Motor (see the previous report by Links & Law here). This summer, the Court of Appeals affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded. As for the relevant question, whether linking to sites that contain disparaging comments about Nissan Motor on the website is commercial the appeal court held, that Links to negative commentary about Nissan Motor, and about this litigation, reflect a point of view that is protected by the First Amendment. So Injunctive relief may not restrain Nissan Computer from placing links on and to other sites that post negative commentary about Nissan Motor.


  • August 9, 2004, "" abgeschlossen,
    "Der Fall "" ist fast schon wie ein alter Bekannter. Immer wieder landet der Domain-Streit vor Gericht. Ein US-Berufungsgericht hat sich nun erneut mit dem Fall beschäftigt. Dieses Mal fiel die Entscheidung für den Computer-Händler Uzi Nissan aus."

  • Nissan Motor Co. v. Nissan Computer Corp.,

  • August 3, 2000, Matthews, Julian, Will The Real Nissandotcom Please Stand Up - Company Business and Marketing, Newsbytes:
    "Using one's own name for a dotcom may sound logical, but what if you just happen to share the name with a major corporation or celebrity? Well, be prepared to shell out the legal tab to protect it. Ask Mr Uzi Nissan, he should know."


Text of the decision:$file/0257148.pdf?openelement




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