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Mixing of editorial and advertising content continues - IntelliTXT is the most prominent of dozens of sites that use IntelliTXT. Vibrant Media describes its product as follows: "Vibrant Media’s patent-pending IntelliTXT technology highlights commercial text links from keywords appearing within pages of online content. Vibrant Media’s proprietary technology automates the analysis and categorization of content, identifies the most appropriate marketing message to deliver and, when activated by the user, dynamically serves advertising messages to the right user at the right time."

Links created by the software  are double underlined green words in text. Ads pop open in very small text windows when your cursor hovers over the green underlined word. Move the cursor away, and the ad window closes. Click in the ad window, and a new browser window opens to take you to the advertiser’s website. Unlike usual banners and pop-ups, these ads are right there in the content of an article.

So what happened to "Anything that is an advertisement should be labeled as an advertisement"?


  • August 6, 2004: Werbung im Text,
    " hat nach Angaben der Direct Marketers News testweise mit der Übernahme von Intellitxt-Werbung begonnen. Dabei werden Werbe-Links in den redaktionellen Text eingebettet."

  • August 6, 2004: Terdiman, Daniel, Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders, Wired:
    ", one of the most popular blogs on the Net, has been accused of selling out -- joining a growing list of new-media outfits willing to bend old-media rules."

  • August 4, 2004: Bezahlte Links bei Fark,
    " ist sicher einigen Lesern ein Begriff. Vor allem jenen, die ihren Internet-Zugang nicht nur zum Arbeiten benutzen. Doch Fark könnte nun zum Auslöser für eine eigentlich schon überfällige Diskussion zum Thema "Verquickung von Content und Werbung" werden."



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