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Semacode - Real World Hyperlinks

Semacode brings the world closer to machinereadable tags that link physical objects to information on the internet. As the Semacode Website puts it: "A semacode is a small symbol that encodes a standard, web-oriented URL. The URL is embedded into a two-dimensional barcode along with error correction information. When the semacode reader software snaps the barcode, it launches the embedded URL on whatever web browser is available. By building on top of existing technologies, semacodes take advantage of work that has already been done without re-inventing the wheel.

Semacodes use existing standards in symbols (barcodes), content-resource identification (URLs), and content presentation (web browsers). The blending of these technologies into the semacode gestalt allows any person with access to a computer to tag their local and urban environment, and anyone with a cellphone to read those tags and follow the virtual links."


  • May 28, 2004: Einfacher surfen per Handy, Heise:
    "Das Eintippen einer URL in Web-fähige Mobiltelefone ist mühsam. Der Entwickler Simon Woodside stellt mit Semacode ein Verfahren vor, das Web-Adressen als zweidimensionale Barcodes ablegt -- Kamera-bewehrte Handys können solche Raster aufnehmen, mittels spezieller Software in das herkömmliche Textformat zurückwandeln und an den Handy-Browser weiterreichen."

  • May 18, 2004: Ulbrich, Chris, Camera Phones Link World to Web, Wired:
    "Technologists have long dreamed of a clickable world, where machine-readable tags link physical objects to the universe of information on the Web. That dream came closer to reality this month with the release of Semacode, a free system that lets camera phones convert bar codes into URLs."


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