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John Kerry Googlebombing

John Kerry has been Google-Bombed with the word 'waffles'. His candidate's campaign website appears at the top of the result list when the word "waffles" is typed into Google.  This was achieved by Ken Jacobson, a Duquesne University Law School student, with the help of at least 44 other Web sites and blogs. Kerry's campaign is trying to capitalize on the prank by purchasing Google AdWords, sponsored links that come up beside results when people search for "waffles".


If you want to know more about how google bombs are being created, check out the overview over articles dealing with Googlebombing. I have also written an article about it in German. For more information on the Bush Google-Bomb "miserable failure" check out update 12. 


  • May 24, 2004: Ogles, Jacob, Kerry gets Google-Bombed, Wired:
    "With the Democratic presidential nomination clinched, John Kerry was bound to get Google-bombed."




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